Terms of use

  • Biudee helps the user to measure and handle skin aging.
  • Biudee implements Citizen Science based on user information. By this Biudee delivers a tool, making it possible for users to compare aging to that of other users.
  • Biudee Aps is a private company with commercial interests in direct marketing based on user information.
  • Biudee is NOT to be used as a substitute for visiting your GP or dermatologist in regards to suspicion of disease or other health issues.
  • Biudee is NOT a tool to monitor or analyze birthmarks with suspicion to melanoma or other types of skin change.
  • You have to be 16 years or older and submit a valid e-mail address.
  • You must answer all questions as precisely and correctly as possible in order to make them subject to use in Citizen Science
  • You are responsible for security issues concerning your account and password.
  • You may pause your account and continue the use at a later time.
  • The account can be deleted directly in app, thus causing the loss of all data. You may build a new account and start from the beginning with the same e-mail at a later time. Biudee stores your data completely anonymous without pictures.
  • Your account is free of charge. As consideration you will receive an e-mail every week containing commercial suggestions based on your information. The e-mails will only contain relevant product suggestions regarding skin care and aging.
  • If you suspend commercial e-mails, you risk the loss of account access.
  • Biudee ApS will not exchange your information or e-mail with commercial third parties.
  • You are responsible for the use of own data – which includes social media sharing.
  • Biudee Aps is responsible for data processing. Your data is protected with a high level encryption. The server is dedicated Biudee and is located in Germany.
  • Server maintenance is kept up by a known person – hired by a Biudee approved company.
  • The e-mails chosen for commercial use is foreseen by a Biudee employee. Data is not shared with third party, as Biudee Aps sends relevant e-mails to the user directly.
  • Citizen Science is controlled by Professor of Dermatology Dr. Christian Gronhoj, MD, DMSc in collaboration with persons from a University Hospital specifically chosen by him. The use of data is anonymous. Pictures may be used to evaluate data quality.
  • Biudee Aps owns all content in app and user data.
  • Biudee © is a registered trademark.
  • You accept to keep Biudee Aps and all of their partners indemnified in regards to the use of the app and webpage.
  • Biudee Aps renounces any responsibility by use of the app or webpage. This covers own information, and information we have chosen to hand out as well.
  • Any legal circumstances must be processed by the Danish Court.
  • All changes must be approved by the user. The latest version is dated May 1st 2016



Kolding, May 1st 2016