Biudee® features

Biudee® is an easy-to-use smartphone application that enables you to analyze your skin in details and adjust your lifestyle accordingly – Biudee helps you to keep your skin healthy and attractive. “Age with grace”.

The Biudee® application features:


By answering the initial questions and by providing information regarding specific aspects of your lifestyle, and updating these when prompted, you will progressively build your Biudee profile, and  be able to monitor how your daily life affects the aging of your skin.  You will additionally be able to follow how your skin develops compared to an average group of users with your corresponding skin type.


The combination of Biudee and the camera of your smartphone provides you with a unique tool to analyze your skin for signs of inflammation, such as Acne, Rosacea or Solar Keratosis (sun damage) which are all major contributors to the acceleration of the premature aging of your skin.

Appearance Test

Test whether your skin presents itself as predominantly oily, normal or dry.

Skin Type Test

Test your skin type with respect to sensitivity towards sunburns. Use this to plan precise instructions for optimized sun protection in the future.

Biudee® News

Discover the latest news on anti-aging and cosmetics edited by our dermatology experts. Stay on the cutting edge knowledge on how to preserve and slow down the relentless aging of your skin.

The Biudee® Box

Keep track of your cosmetics and food supplements. Scanning the bar code of your products allows the Biudee Box to store your personal list of cosmetics, skin care products and cosmeceuticals and provides you with additional and valuable information.

Facial Aging

Analyze the extent of your facial aging, and build your own analysis curve. Explore how your face ages compared to that of the average user with a matching skin type.

Sunscreen Calculator

Holiday or travelling? Mark your destination on the Biudee map and the number of days you plan to spend in the sun. The Biudee Sunscreen Calculator will provide you with information on the exact amount of sunscreen needed as well as Sun Protection factor (SPF) for your entire stay. The Biudee app will also inform you of the strength of the sun compared to your home address. In this way Biudee will keep you aware of the hazards of sun burns on your destination, and assist you in planning your sun protection.

Cosmetic Wizard

The Cosmetic Wizard is developed by dermatologists and give you the development of identifying solutions for cosmetic problems at any location of your skin.

Lifestyle Coach

Research has taught us that aging of your skin is not merely predestined from your genes, but also depends on many external factors affecting your daily life. The Lifestyle Coach assists you in keeping track of your lifestyle, and in particular focus on matters that determine how your skin will be aging, such as sleeping patterns, stress, diet habits, tobacco, exercise, exposure to the sun and other important factors. The Biudee Lifestyle Coach offers you - at any time you may require - an indication to whether your current lifestyle is of benefit to your skin  or whether you ought to improve the conditions for your skin through lifestyle changes. Occasionally, you will be requested to update certain information about your lifestyle, to always provide you the latest trends of the aging of your skin. The Biudee Lifestyle Coach will notify you when this update is needed. The data that you anonymously provide, will assist the Biudee Project to build a growing and precise understanding on how different lifestyle factors influence the aging of your own skin as well as the skin of all users with a similar skin type as yours. As the number of users increase, the knowledge will gain even more strength, thanks to you and other members of the Biudee community of Citizen Scientists.

Appearance test

You probably already have an opinion to whether your skin is normal, oily or dry. Oily skin may increase the risk of Dermatitis and Acne which in turn could increase the aging of your skin. On the other hand, dry skin may increase the risk of Eczema resulting in inflammation, infection and skin damage. By using the Appearance Test, you will obtain a standardized evaluation of your facial skin appearance, and your data will support the Biudee research project, whilst staying completely anonymous.

Skin type test

The Biudee® Box

You are probably already aware that using skin care is important to preserve a natural and attractive appearance of your skin. The number of different skin care products available in the beauty market can be overwhelming, confusing and chaotic, making it difficult for you to decide on and keep track of which products that benefit you the most.

The Biudee App lets you scan the bar code on your products and simply add them to your own personal Biudee Box. This provides you with a useful overview of all your favorite skin care products – right in your hand.
With The Biudee Box you create a digital inventory list or diary of your skin care products, cosmetics and food supplements. You may always use your personal Biudee Box to check which of your favorite products that at any given time in the past proved significant improvement of the wellness of your skin. The Biudee App assists you identifying products, which suits exactly your needs.


Inflammation may be a significant threat to the structure and health of your facial skin. During youth and young adolescence, Acne is especially responsible for inflammation among 80 % of all youngsters. This may result in premature aging of the skin. In serious cases, Acne could also cause severe scarring and inelasticity of the facial skin. During adulthood, the inflammatory skin disease, Rosacea, could cause permanent damage to the elastic structures of your face, and cause redness and chronic redness (visible red or blue vessels) on the cheeks and forehead.

As you get older, other causes of inflammation may harm the skin, e.g. Solar Keratosis, also known as sun damaged skin. Solar Keratosis are small scaly red patches, typically situated on the most exposed areas of your face, such as the forehead, cheeks, nose and temples. Solar Keratosis has a tendency to be chronic and does not vanish with the aid of skin care or sun protection. They are indicators of accelerated aging of the skin, induced by sun exposure, and may even sometimes represent the early stages of skin cancer.

Inflammation of the skin can be difficult to spot, but the use of a camera using Ultraviolet light (UV-light), can visualize inflammation of your skin, such as Acne, Rosacea, and sun damage. Biudee has developed the UV-Snap®, which is a simulated UV-photography of your face, helping you to visualize and detect different types of inflammation.

Inflammation of your skin will stand out as black dots and areas on the UV-Snap photo. With the UV-Snap you take a “selfie” and the UV-Snap will generate a UV-simulated photo. Drag-and-drop circles, localized on the upper part of the screen in order to mark the black colored spots and dots on the UV-Snap photo of your face. Choose elements which do not represent simple shadows, moles, eyes or hair when compared to the original photo. By this, UV-snap will calculate the number and the extent of inflammatory spots in your face. Biudee will save the results of your UV-Snap analysis, making it available for comparison to previous or future results. By anonymously sharing these data with the Biudee Research Program, you will provide a valuable contribution to help us understand the nature and development of inflammatory changes.

Wrinkles and facial aging

Over time the elasticity of the connective tissue, supporting the skin of our face, will be impaired, and signs of aging will relentlessly appear. The speed and extent of this process depends on a variety of factors, all dealt with by Biudee. 

In developing Biudee we have designed a self-monitoring system, in which you register the aging of your facial skin. As you mark the severity of wrinkles, blemishes (pigment spots) and redness of your face, Biudee creates a kind of diary, where you keep track of how your skin responds to your personal lifestyle and anti-aging measures.
These data are anonymously shared with the Biudee project in order to establish a substantial amount of knowledge based on thousands of observations from all the users of the Biudee App. In turn, this will enable you to benefit from the entire Biudee project, designed according to the concept of “Citizen Science” and it will guide you with an ever increasing precision on how to preserve your skin and share with you how it develops compared to an average person with your skin type.

Biudee® News

All around the world scientist are relentlessly striving to improve the care of our skin. On a daily basis, interesting reports emerge from The US, Europe, Asia and Australia, concerning progress in our understanding of the aging of our skin. Biudee News helps you stay tuned-in to exciting news on skin care and anti-aging issues from all over the world.

Sunscreen Calculator

Planning a sunny holiday? Make Biudee your travel companion and allow it to help you estimate the appropriate amount of sun protection needed for you holiday  – thereby reducing the risk of sunburns. By plotting in the destination of your holiday, the Biudee App will calculate sun intensity at this particular destination taking into account the date, time and even elevation above sea level at your precise location. Thus, the daily output of energy from the sun - on any particular date at your holiday destination - is computed and compared to that of your home address. Biudee provides the results of the recommended SPF-strength and the minimum volume of sunscreen that you need to apply during your dream holiday, thereby ensuring you a well-planned sun protection and reducing the risk of significant sun burns. Make sure that your travel companions download the Biudee App and all come as well prepared as you – and enjoy your stay!

Cosmetic Wizard

The Cosmetic Wizard is developed by dermatologists and give you the development of identifying solutions for cosmetic problems at any location of your skin. If you f. ex. wonders how to treat acne on your back, simply click on the anatomical drawing, corresponding to the back of the torso, and then with a few clicks identify the problem and last, but not least, how the dermatologists suggest it to be treated. It has never been easier - or better.

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