Biudee® help center

How can I restore the password to my account?
In order to restore the password for your account, please open the Biudee app and use the function “forgot password”. A password recovery email will be sent to your inbox. Please open the mail from Biudee via your phone and follow the link. You will be directed to a Biudee app password recovery page, where you will be able to create a new password providing you access to your account.
How can I delete my account?
If you decide to delete your Biudee account please open the Biudee app and proceed to the Settings section where you should choose “Delete account”. All your data, including photos, will be deleted instantly. In this case, your account information cannot be restored afterwards.
How can I pause my account?
In case you want to pause your account activity, please proceed to the Settings section of the Biudee app and choose “Pause account”.  You will then be logged out and future weekly or monthly lifestyle tests won’t be generated for you. You will also not receive any further push notifications. However, you may resume your account activity, by performing a new log in session.
Why do I need to enter my password on each log in after I have closed the app, and it´s not open in the smartphone background?
If you close your app entirely from the background, you will need to enter the password of your account once again to access the app. This is to secure the safety and privacy of your use of the Biudee app - in case you lose your smartphone etc.
How can I change the periodicity of questions emerging form the lifestyle tests?
Questions related to the Lifestyle test are generated, and presented to you, every week and/or month in order to optimize the data accuracy of your personal tests. Your answers contribute to the computing of your personal health and beauty dynamics, which you can view in the section “My Biudee Numbers” at any time. If you choose to answer the questions on a weekly basis, the analysis of your lifestyle data will be optimal. However, if you intend to respond on a monthly basis, the analytical accuracy will be somewhat weaker. We recommend that you answer on a weekly basis. You may choose to change these settings in your profile section at any time.
Can I skip some of the questions in the Lifestyle test?
Yes, sure. Questions, which are related to different habits, can be skipped and they will consequently only be asked on a monthly basis. On completing the Lifestyle test, you may choose: “skip till next month” for certain specific questions. Select this option and these categories of questions will appear on a monthly basis instead. If you choose to respond on a monthly basis, the analytical accuracy will be somewhat weaker. We therefore recommend that you choose to answer on a weekly basis.
Where can I find detailed instructions on how to use the tools of the Biudee app?
We are happy that you have chosen to join the Biudee community, and we wish to ensure that you get access to as detailed instructions of the use of Biudee as possible. Therefore, you may find “’i” buttons in a number of places, within the app, where we provide a step-by-step manual and explanations to the functionality of the app.
Are all my data safe?
We realize how important safety and security is for our users. We don’t post personal information or data anywhere in social networks, forums or other informational resources. We will use the data for research purposes, and always in anonymized versions. Additionally, we will use the data and the results of data analysis for internal use in order to optimize the understanding of the biology and aging of the skin, including yours. The data will anonymously be pooled with those of other users in order to provide Biudee with a better understanding of relations between lifestyle, habits, physical data and the aging of our skin. For further information, please read:  http://biudee.com/en/terms-of-use