The Biudee® Team

The Biudee Research Project and the Biudee® App is developed by experienced Scandinavian dermatologists.

Dr. Janne Touborg MD

Dr. Janne Touborg has contributed to the development of the Biudee App and its concept of Citizen Science. She is the owner of “The Cutanea Clinic of Dermatology” (www.cutanea.dk), and specializes in facial anti-aging. Janne is an experienced Dermatologist and her research and work focuses primarily on how skin care and attention to our lifestyle helps protect against premature aging of our skin.
“As a Dermatologist – and a woman - I am confident that the face plays a vital part in social interactions. Your face signals your health and who you are to your surroundings. The face has a huge first-impression impact. A natural and gracefully preserved face is a very important personal asset and makes it far more possible to establish positive relations to other people. In Biudee we have condensed our expert knowledge into the form of a digital “Coach” – thus making it possible for you on a daily basis to benefit from my expertise as a dermatologist to offer your skin the very best conditions as you age”.

Professor of Dermatology, Dr. Christian Grønhøj, MD, DMSci

Dr. Christian Grønhøj has developed the basic idea of the Biudee App. Through many years Christian has been engaged in research related to the biology and the immune system of the human skin. He has been involved in the identification of several novel inflammatory proteins of the human organism, as he worked as a scientist at the National Institute of Health in the USA. He has published his findings in well esteemed scientific journals such as Science.
“Through my career as a dermatologist, I have a countless number of times experienced that my patients ask me which circumstances and behaviors are important in the way that our skin will age, and how to prevent wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Today, we know, that a number of lifestyle circumstances determine how much our skin will show signs of aging. I imagine the Biudee App as a digital coach, or digital partner, who continuously assist the users to adjust their lifestyle in order to ensure that they will age with grace".

Many factors and circumstances determine how we age:skin type, inheritance, sun exposure, pollution, diet, exercise, skin care and so on.

  • Health
  • Genes
  • Vitamins
  • Sleep
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Skin Care
  • Tobacco
  • Travel
  • Sun exposure
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Inflammation
  • Digestion
  • Pollution

What is the Biudee® Project?

We all gradually age, but in fact you are able to avoid any premature aging of your skin by taking the right steps and appropriate counter measures. Many factors and circumstances determine how you age; skin type, inheritance, sun exposure, pollution, diet, exercise, skin care and so on.

Biudee takes all of these factors into account - and even many more - as the Biudee App establishes your profile. Biudee primarily focuses on your facial skin – your most powerful and visible asset to define your appearance. Furthermore, the appearance of your face is a good indicator of how balanced you are aging. In this groundbreaking smartphone application, Biudee, you will find a variety of tools, to test your skin type and the overall aging of your skin. Biudee also helps you to detect subtle or even otherwise invisible sun damage and to monitor your lifestyle, sun sensitivity and wrinkles. By logging different lifestyle details, and updating these when prompted, the Biudee App turns into a virtual anti-aging partner, that helps preserve and protect your skin and guides you to a lifestyle that supports your skin to age with beauty and health – the natural way.

How may Biudee® help you?

The vision of the Biudee project is to collect – and benefit from - the total amount of knowledge established by all of us, who passionately care for our skin and appearance. We are all different individuals, but by the power of many we can all gradually build a substantial understanding of each skin type and establish what is normally to be expected. By these means, Biudee will guide you through your everyday life by relentlessly monitoring whether your lifestyle is in accordance to the development of a healthy and beautiful skin.

In joining and supporting the Biudee vision, you also join a community of Citizen Scientists. You will provide valuable information by anonymously sharing knowledge on your skin type and lifestyle. These research data and their results will enable us all to know more about which factors that contribute the most to the aging of our skin.

As the first 10.000 users of Biudee have shared their data and knowledge, we will begin to be able to offer you an impression of whether the aging of your skin is normal or whether is too fast compared to an average group with the same skin type as yourself. As the number of users further increase, so does the amount of data, which can teach us even more about lifestyle habits and their importance to your skin. Become a Biudee Citizen Scientist and contribute to the research - and enjoy all the personal benefits.