The purpose of the Biudee® App

Biudee is an innovative smartphone application developed by experienced dermatologists and scientists.

The purpose of Biudee is to hand you the control stick of how your skin develops – with a simple touch.


Join the Biudee® project

Become a member of a community of Citizen Scientists and make the world a better place for your skin.

Download the Biudee App, join the Biudee Project and test your own skin, refine your lifestyle and anonymously share valuable information on the condition and aging of your skin.

By using the Biudee App, you will contribute to an ever increasing knowledge on how, when and why the skin of some individuals age differently than others.

A healthy skin with Biudee®

Use the data from the Biudee project to refine the treatment of your own skin and increase the joy and wellness in your life.

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